The Jeweler's Bench is that rare place where talent meets budget. You can get exactly the ring you want with all the bling you have in mind, and the AMAZING Dan Broadbent will somehow pull it out for you.

Vivianne Elisabeth Melby

My wife and I got our rings made at the Jeweler's Bench. We couldn't find exactly what we wanted anywhere else--even online. Dan helped us take our ideas and design our perfect rings. Dan is an amazing artist.

Justin Sperlein

Dan is one of the only Jewelers I feel I can really trust.

Jeff M

Every time I enter the Jeweler's Bench I marvel at the craftsmanship and work that Dan brings to the job. He is an astounding Jeweler with a gift of design and artistic flair that few in the Wasatch Area have. This is no Mass-Market jeweler.

Enoch Chapman

Go to The Jeweler's Bench! They can make anything you describe with precision and with an eye for beauty. Highly recommended!

Daniel M

I go to the Jeweler's Bench for all of my jewelry needs and refer all of my friends. I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Julie Hammari

Dan did such a good job that I wanted to let everyone know that when they are wondering where to go for such a big decision, that the choice is clear. Just like their slogan says, 'She's not like other girls, they're not like other jewelers

Amber Jensen