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Utah gold buyers

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Why we are your best choice for gold buyers

Sell or trade in your gold, diamonds, and jewelry at The Jeweler’s Bench, your best choice for gold buyers.  It is a clean, professional, and friendly place where you can cut out the middle-man and get the most for your gold.

Other gold buyers Just sell your gold to a refiner and pay little or nothing for your diamonds.  At The Jeweler’s Bench we can resell antique or estate jewelry or refine and recycle the gold.  Our master jeweler can use it to make new custom jewelry.  Because of this, we can pay you more for your gold than other gold buyers can.

Other buyers of gold, such as check cashing stores and pawn shops, don’t know jewelry value like we do.  They don’t pay for collectable or antique value, nor pay you for the diamonds and gems that may add value.  They’re middle-men who will sell your gold to a gold refiner where it will be melted down and then sold to people who use the gold, like a custom jewelry shop or a gold broker.

At The Jeweler’s Bench we inspect each piece, test them if needed to verify the precious metal content, weigh it and evaluate the diamonds and gems.  We clean items if needed and offer suggestions to maximize the value and money you can get for your jewelry and collectables.

The best way to get the most money when selling your jewelry might be to sell it to a friend or family member. This does take some time and effort.  A family member might also appreciate any sentimental value that there might be with the jewelry.

You could post an ad on the local collage student center bulletin board or in the classified ads and sell it to someone who will be using it as a gift or for themselves.  There are many other items listed that are competing with your listing.  You could still give them a good deal while also getting the most money for the jewelry for yourself.  There is some risk and this does take much more time and effort than selling it to the gold buyers at The Jeweler’s Bench.

On-line postings give you the biggest market exposure but also the most risk. Be very cautious because there are many scammers trying to take advantage of people on-line.  Arrange a safe public place to do the transaction, not your home.  Make sure that their payment is legitimate and clears before you give them the item(s) because you don’t have control of getting the jewelry back once it is out of your hands.

A check cashing service or pawnshop will likely give a very low price since they are likely just going to send it to a refiner or sell it quick and cheep.  Sending it off in the mail to a cash-for-gold place will probably be the worst payment of all.  Since they usually do not have to report the items they buy, they can be an easy place to fence stolen jewelry and they are often not very reputable.

Selling your jewelry to a jeweler is generally the fastest and easiest way to sell your jewelry and you will likely get a fair price for the materials and any antique or collectible value as well.  You will lose the markup and labor costs that went into the jewelry when it was bought new, but that is to be expected.  A jeweler can buy jewelry that he needs at wholesale or make it for the material costs when he needs it.  For a jeweler to buy something on speculation that is used, needs refurbishing and that he does not have an immediate need for, he will be paying less than wholesale.

At The Jeweler’s Bench, we strive to give the best deal possible.  Bring in your valuables, broken jewelry, watches and collectibles. We take time to evaluate each piece and give the most money we can.  When our clients are happy they come back and they bring their friends here.  We can also sell the jewelry for you on consignment and can pay you much more than if we buy it on the spot.